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The latest new installment for things to-do this March. :yay:
Please, enjoy.

Kathy R.

Month of March 2015

Sun. March 1, 2015 – Collect quotes.  Write your favorite ones on slips of paper or post-it notes, and put them somewhere you can see every day.

Mon. March 2, 2015 – Make your own greeting cards, and send it to someone you have not seen or heard from in a long time.

Tues. March 3, 2015 – As soon as you wake up, do yoga or meditate for 30 minutes.

Wed. March 4, 2015 – Listen to classical music.  If you do not enjoy classical music, try New World music.

Thurs. March 5, 2015 – Do something that you enjoyed last month, but this time, make it different. 

Fri. March 6, 2015 – Host a movie night alone or with friends.  Make popcorn, and wear your most comfortable clothes.

Sat. March 7, 2015 – Finish an entire crossword or word search in the newspaper.  Make your own puzzle.

Sun. March 8, 2015 – Do some self-splurging.  Spend $10 on yourself the next time you go shopping.

Mon. March 9, 2015 – Put lotion on the back of your hands when you notice your hands or other places on your body are dry. 

Tues. March 10, 2015 – Light some scented candles, and appreciate the way that light flickers and makes shadows. 

Wed. March 11, 2015 – Create something.  Anything.

Thurs. March 12, 2015 – Show someone your masterpiece. 

Fri. March 13, 2015 – Make it a goal over several days to finish a book from front cover to back. 

Sat. March 14, 2015 – List five things you want today.  Do them.  You deserve it. 

Sun. March 15, 2015 – Spend a day looking at works by visual artists that you like. 

Mon. March 16, 2015 – Take 10-15 minute breaks throughout your day to catch-up with friends or spend much needed time alone for reflecting. 

Tues. March 17, 2015 – Surround your living space with pictures or words of things you want, things you strive for, place you have never been, but want to visit, etc. 

Wed. March 18, 2015 – Write to-do lists.  If you already do, try to finish everything on your list and reward yourself afterwards. 

Thurs. March 19, 2015 – When you go out, dress pretty or handsome today.  Make this day yours.

Fri. March 20, 2015 – Enjoy a soothing bath.  Sprinkle your favorite bath salts.  Scented candles and classical music is encouraged. 

Sat. March 21, 2015 – Smile.  You never know, you may make someone’s day! 

Sun. March 22, 2015 – Eat fresh and organic.  You deserve to eat foods that are nutritious, delicious, and healthy. 

Mon. March 23, 2015 – Look at beautiful things that encourage you to live your life. 

Tues. March 24, 2015 – Express appreciation for people and things in your life that you are most grateful for.  Say “thank you” often. 

Wed. March 25, 2015 – Create a list of ways you can take care of yourself or someone you care about. 

Thurs. March 26, 2015 – Give someone a massage, or ask for a massage. 

Fri. March 27, 2015 – Once during your day, take a 15-minute walk.  Clear your head.  Notice the world moving around you. 

Sat. March 28, 2015 – Bring nature indoors by putting a vase of flowers on your desk, collect small, colored rocks, or frame leave rubbings. 

Sun. March 29, 2015 – Perform an act of kindness for a stranger or someone you know. 

Mon. March 30, 2015 – Make a collage or scrapbook of your favorite things or photographs.

Tues. March 31, 2015 – Do your daily chores out of order, with someone you are close with, or while listening to music.  Your chores will be done before you know it.

More self-care to do this March:

    -         Be selfish.  Once a day, do at least one thing just for you.

    -         Be generous.  Once a day, do at least one thing for someone who needs help.

    -         Instead of reading the newspapers over breakfast, read a few pages of a book you love and catch up with the news later on the Internet.

    -         Perfect a signature dish, preparing it over and over, every time you entertain.  Once you can do it with your eyes closed, take on a new one.

    -         To celebrate the official end of winter, give your body a friendly wake-up call: take a shower that’s slightly colder than usual, then dry yourself in a warm fluffy towel.

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I've always been called shy, quiet . . . sweet. I suppose I am those things, but I like to - at least, I try to - be eccentric, zany, impulsive, and passionate. I like to have fun. ^_^

That's it.

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